The White Queen's Riddle


    "First, the fish must be caught."
That is easy: a baby, I think, could have caught it.
    "Next, the fish must be bought."
That is easy: a penny, I think, would have bought it.

    "Now cook me the fish!"
That is easy, and will not take more than a minute.
    "Let it lie in a dish!"
That is easy, because it is already in it.

    "Bring it here, let me sup!"
It is easy to set such a dish on the table.
    "Take the dish-cover up!"
Ah, that is so hard that I fear I'm unable!

    For it holds it like glue---
Holds the lid to the dish, while it lies in the middle:
    Which is easiest to do,
Un-dish-cover the fish, or dishcover the riddle?


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