Exquisitely Designed
Genuine LAVAR KERMAN Persian Carpet

Hand-Made in Iran circa 1950

    Dimensions:   Large rectangle, 14 feet (426.72 cm) x 10 feet (304.8 cm).

    Description:   Wool pile on cotton foundation of tight knots, with 2-inch cotton fringes at both ends. Multi-colored whole field of floral design, with large center medallion, also of floral design. Five narrow borders with one larger border decorated with patterns consonant with those in the main field. The rich palette of colors includes shades of rose; pink to red; light and dark blues and turquoise; olive green to dark green; cream to tan, with some orange and brown.

    Conservation:   The carpet is in prime condition, clean, with no signs of wear, having been stored unused for more than twenty years, and otherwise displayed in only three lightly trafficed locations in Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Ohio. New 2-inch cotton fringes were added in 1975 by an expert carpet conservator in Boston, Massachusetts; no other attention is or has been needed. The rich and varied colors are particularly pristine, the carpet having been throughout its existence assiduously protected from any threat of damage by unfiltered sunlight.

    Provenance and history:   This Kerman carpet was purchased new in 1952 in Beirut, Lebanon, as a gift. It lay in the present owner's family parlor until 1976, then was rolled and carefully stored. From 1980 to 1988 it lay displayed by the present owner in a seldom-used drawing room, after which it was again correctly rolled, sealed and stored.

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Center Medallion
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Heart of Medallion
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Border to Corner
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Spandrel with Borders
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Close-up of Border
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Spandrel with Borders Left
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Back Corner with Rule
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