The dove says, Coo, coo,
What shall I do?
I can scarce maintain two.

Pooh, pooh, says the wren,
I have ten,
And keep them all like gentlemen.

CURR dhoo, curr dhoo,
If you love me, then I'll love you.

Cackle, cackle, Mother Goose,
Have you any feathers loose?
Truly have I, pretty fellow,
Half enough to fill a pillow.
Here are quills, take one or two,
And down to make a bed for you.

Hickety, pickety, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentlemen;
Gentlemen come every day
To see what my black hen doth lay.
I had two pigeons bright and gay,
They flew from me the other day;
What was the reason they did go?
I cannot tell, for I do not know.

Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a tree,
Up went pussy cat, and down went he;
Down came pussy, and away Robin ran;
Says little Robin Redbreast, Catch me if you can.

Little Robin Redbreast jumped upon a wall,
Pussy cat jumped after him, and almost got a fall;
Little Robin chirped and sang, and what did pussy say?
Pussy cat said, Mew, and Robin jumped away.

Cock Robin got up early,
At the break of day,
And went to Jenny's window
To sing a roundelay.

He sang Cock Robin's love
To little Jenny Wren,
And when he got unto the end
Then he began again.

The cuckoo comes in April,
He sings his song in May;
In the middle of June
He changes his tune,
And then he flies away.
The robin and the redbreast,
The robin and the wren:
If you take from their nest
You'll never thrive again.


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