Davy Davy Dumpling,
Boil him in the pot;
Sugar him and butter him,
And eat him while he's hot.
Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
To see what Tommy can buy;
    A penny white loaf,
    A penny white cake,
And a two-penny apple pie.

Fee, fie, fo, fum,
I smell the blood of an Englishman:
Be he alive or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.
Robin the Bobbin,
    the big-bellied Ben,
He ate more meat
    than fourscore men;
He ate a cow,
    he ate a calf,
He ate a butcher
    and a half,
He ate a church,
    he ate a steeple,
He ate a priest
    and all the people!
A cow and a calf,
An ox and a half,
A church and a steeple,
And all the good people,
And yet he complained
    that his stomach wasn't full.

Mr. East gave a feast;
Mr. North laid the cloth;
Mr. West did his best;
Mr. South burnt his mouth
With eating a cold potato.
What's in the cupboard?
Says Mr. Hubbard.
A knuckle of veal,
Says Mr. Beal.
Is that all?
Says Mr. Ball.
And enough too,
Says Mr. Glue;
And away they all flew.


    Hannah Bantry,
    In the pantry,
Gnawing a mutton bone;
    How she gnawed it,
    How she clawed it,
When she found herself alone.
Three little ghostesses
Sitting on postesses,
Eating buttered toastesses,
Greasing their fistesses
Up to their wristesses.
Oh, what beastesses
To make such feastesses!


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